Icebreaker Festival 2016

Icebreaker is back with us this January and we lucky enough to be playing again, this time on the Little Johnny Russells stage. We have a handful of tickets left which you can buy from us or alliteratively follow this LINK and buy online, at only £10 a ticket for over 100 bands you can’t say fairer than that!
We are on stage for 5.25pm but the day is filled with exciting local bands so why not come down early and enjoy the whole days over all the venues!

Here’s how the organisers describe the festival.
A brief history of our festival started with a basic idea in March 2014 that we wish to celebrate the South Coast’s music scene by hosting an annual multi-venue one day event across two streets in Southsea on the last weekend in January. After months of dedicated hard work & devotion, our opening festival on Saturday 31st January hosted 6 venues & 94 local bands/artists. And with an attendance of over 900 people (out of 1000 available) to witness Portsmouth’s first ever dedicated local music event.

Due to resounding feedback & praise we received from local press, venues, bands, artists and people who attended the festival… It didn’t take long to decide that Icebreaker will be back on Saturday 30th January 2016.

Since the first week in February, our team have started works to make 2016’s festival bigger, we have announced publicly that we will host 10 venues next year including Portsmouth’s famous The Wedgewood Rooms & Edge of the Wedge.

Murdoc x